The power of nature

ETM, Eat – Think – Move aims to take advantage of your very own, inner potential to achieve the goals. We place the highest value on the ETM synergies.

ETM eat think move.
ETM eat think move.

If there were a perfect drug that would enhance your body, that makes you mentally highly efficient and allows you to achieve peak physical performance, then nature would be secondary. The more you deviate from nature, whatever you are doing, the more you stress your body, the less concentrated you get and the more you lose your positive energy.


bds_Kette-horizontal„bottlenecks“ (specific vulnerabilities in a system), or barriers affect our lives. Defining these points and getting aware of them, we can use them to our benefit.

A chain has its bottleneck at its weakest part. A capacity increase is primarily promising if work is focused at this point.


LeonYou can call up your maximum mental and physical potential.

Sometimes we manage everything seemingly of its own accord, at another time we experience a similar situation as a hurdle. Our personal „bottleneck“ is the decisive key role in this emotional up and down as it leads to an increase in tension.

If you clearly see this from your own experience, it is not only wishes because you have submitted your situation a close examination. You enter the most effective zone at all, your „learning zone“ and the room for improvement. The result is a kind of power reserve. It allows you to achieve the targeted, personal-maximum, mental and physical potential.

ETM Target
ETM Target


The result is primarily dependent on your personal situation:

If you work in the business world, you will see your success in the sense that you win the rest to do the right things.

If you are an athlete, you will reach your athletic goal within a time, so far appeared to you as impossible.

If you are a group, be it a company or a professional sports team (we work with each person individually), synergy effects will lead to an additional success optimization. Your team will get the number one.

How, Where and When

DSCN0760We work directly in the nature, quickly, easily understandable and with clear results. In the forest, there is no WiFi but we get „the best connection“.

An efficient implementation to reach the objective is only possible if it is “made as simple as possible”. A maximum of three topics that will get you to your destination. You will feel the effect immediately!

Time required- At least half a day, in principal a day (8 hours) or by appointment even longer. It is our ultimate goal that you reach your target after one unit with us. In special situations, we recommend an improvement unit after one year. When will you recommend us?

Weltkugel5Location: Worldwide

When: 365 days a year

We will show you your individual path to reach your maximum mental and physical potential.

Additional Information

Languages: German, English, Spanish

Target groups: Top-level management, athletes and people who want to experience their maximum physical and mental potential for immediate perfection of success.



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